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Title: Conveyancing Project (Sale Files)
Author: University of Strathclyde
Institution: University of Strathclyde
Creative Commons License:
Attribution, Non-commercial, ShareAlike
Subject Classification: Law

This simulation takes students through a conveyancing transaction both for the sale and purchase of a domestic property in Scotland. The simulation covers all the basic procedural steps required in order to successfully complete the transaction on behalf of a married couple.
The students work in their virtual firms to complete the transaction over a 10 week period. However, the simulation could be carried out on an individual basis. Both sides of the transaction are completed simultaneously. The firm is guided through the project by a "senior partner" who issues the firms with instruction memos setting out the task or tasks to be completed. Certain tasks have deadlines assigned to them and these are formally assessed by tutors. The student firms are given feedback (within the context of the simulation) if they do not achieve the required outcomes initially and allowed a second attempt to do that. The simulation progress at a set rate against a time line which dictates when each instruction memo is released to the firm.
The student firms are supported throughout the project. They have access to a bank of style resources to assist them in the preparation of some of the required documentation. They all attend tutorials and surgeries where they are being taught conveyancing practice. There is also an on line forum where students may post questions seeking clarification on any of the processes involved.
The simulation is currently used with students on a postgraduate Legal Practice Course and has been developed to run on the SIMPLE platform.


Conveyancing, Law, Legal Practice

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  • 2nd_letter_re_indebtedness.doc19.97kB
  • 3rd_letter_re_indebtedness.doc19.97kB
  • A_guide_to_the_simulation_(Conveyancing).doc99.33kB
  • Building_Warrant.doc22.53kB
  • coalauthoritylogo.gif4.21kB
  • councilLogo.gif4.17kB
  • Engrossed_Disposition.doc22.02kB
  • Executed_Disposition.doc22.02kB
  • form2_sale_enc.doc43.52kB
  • Form_12a.doc24.06kB
  • Form_13_Report_from_Millar_and_Bryce.doc24.58kB
  • letter_of_observation.doc23.55kB
  • New_Offer_0910.doc81.92kB
  • offer.doc69.63kB
  • oldplan.jpg96.83kB
  • Outstanding_Loan_Amount.doc19.97kB
  • particulars_of_execution_-_disposition.doc19.46kB
  • Particulars_of_SigningDetails.doc19.46kB
  • Particulars_of_Signing_Details.doc19.46kB
  • Particular_of_Signing_Details.doc19.46kB
  • plan.jpg55.13kB
  • plan2.jpg166.06kB
  • Purchase_Style_-_Instructions_for_Signing_Standard_Security.doc20.99kB
  • ROSlogolarge.gif69.39kB
  • ROSlogosmall.gif0.85kB
  • Sale_-_2nd_letter_re_indebtedness.doc19.97kB
  • Sale_-_3rd_letter_re_indebtedness.doc19.97kB
  • Sale_-_Engrossed_Disposition.doc22.02kB
  • Sale_-_Engrossed_Disposition_6_Jan.doc22.02kB
  • Sale_-_Executed_Disposition.doc22.02kB
  • Sale_-_Executed_Disposition_draft.doc22.02kB
  • Sale_-_Form_12A.doc24.06kB
  • Sale_-_Form_13_Report_from_Millar_and_Bryce.doc24.58kB
  • Sale_-_Letter_of_Observation.doc24.06kB
  • Sale_-_Outstanding_Loan_Amount.doc19.97kB
  • Sale_-_Particulars_of_Execution_Disposition.doc19.46kB
  • Sale_-_Style_-_Draft_Letter_of_Obligation.doc27.14kB
  • Sale_-_third_letter_re_indebtedness.doc19.97kB
  • Sale_Memo_10_-_Form_13.doc19.97kB
  • Sale_Memo_11_-_Settlement_Letter.doc20.99kB
  • Sale_Memo_12_-_Financial_Statements.doc21.50kB
  • Sale_Memo_1_-_Initial_Instructions.doc19.97kB
  • Sale_Memo_2_-_Request_Titles.doc19.97kB
  • Sale_Memo_3_-_Title_Deeds.doc19.97kB
  • Sale_Memo_4_-_Form_12A.doc19.46kB
  • Sale_Memo_5_-_Qualified_Acceptance.doc23.04kB
  • Sale_Memo_6_-_Discharge_to_Lender.doc21.50kB
  • Sale_Memo_7_-_Apply_Testing_Clause_to_Discharge.doc20.99kB
  • Sale_Memo_8_-_Instructions_for_Engrossment_.doc19.97kB
  • Sale_Memo_9_-_Order_Form_13.doc19.97kB
  • Sale_Style_-_Bill_Statement.doc25.09kB
  • Sale_Style_-_Client_Settlement_Letter.doc19.46kB
  • Sale_Style_-_Disposition_Signing_Instructions.doc19.46kB
  • Sale_Style_-_Draft_Discharge.doc19.46kB
  • Sale_Style_-_Letter_to_Redeem_Loan.doc19.97kB
  • Sale_Style_-_Memo_to_Estate_Agency.doc19.46kB
  • Sale_Style_-_Request_for_Final_Redemption_Figure.doc19.97kB
  • Sale_Style_-_Request_for_Property_Search.doc19.97kB
  • Sale_Style_-_Request_for_Title.doc20.48kB
  • Sale_Style_-_Request_to_Execute_Discharge_&_Final_Redemption_Figure.doc19.46kB
  • Sale_Style_-_Standard_Letter.doc19.46kB
  • Sale_Style_-_Terms_of_Engagement.doc19.46kB
  • SIMPLE_platform_files_(Conveyancing_Sale).zip1,675.84kB
  • Style_-_Draft_Form13.doc56.83kB
  • Style_-_Form12.doc74.24kB
  • Style_-_Form_12.doc699.39kB
  • Style_-_Form_13.doc702.46kB
  • Style_-_Request_for_Final_Redemption_Figure.doc19.97kB
  • Style_Form_2.xml4.36kB
  • Style_Form_4.xml1.41kB
  • TitleDeeds_Package.doc155.65kB
  • Title_Deeds_Package.doc155.65kB
  • Title_Deeds_Package_08.doc150.53kB
  • Title_Deeds_Package_14_jan.doc155.14kB

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