Simulation Repository - Jane v Barchester CC - An Employment Tribunal Claim for Constructive Wrongful Dismissal

Title: Jane v Barchester CC - An Employment Tribunal Claim for Constructive Wrongful Dismissal
Author: Caroline Strevens & Roger Welch
Institution: University of Portsmouth
Creative Commons License:
Attribution, Non-commercial, ShareAlike
Subject Classification: Law

Students are put into groups constituting law firms rerpesenting either Jane Downe or Barchester County Council. Jane Downe wishes to present an employment tribunal claim against Barchester County Council for constructive wrongful dismissal. Students are required to secure evidence from videoed witness statements prior to completing an ET1 or ET3 tribunal form. They then seek to negotiate an out of tribunal settlement in accordance with client's instructions. The final phase of the assessment involves students undertaking individual written work in the form of producing a final submission to an employment tribunal on their client's behalf.


constructive wrongful dismissal, employment tribunals, employment law, Legal Negotiation


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  • aclwrittencwkbriefing.pdf15.08kB
  • barchesterET32010.pdf1,444.39kB
  • barchesterletter.pdf10.69kB
  • janebarchestervideoedwitnessstatements.pdf20.48kB
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  • janeletter.pdf9.21kB
  • janewrittenstatement.pdf23.36kB
  • johnET12010.pdf902.79kB
  • simsharesummarydocumentjane.doc65.54kB
  • weekonebarchesternegotiationinstructionspdf.pdf27.74kB
  • weekonejanenegotiationinstructionspdf.pdf28.18kB
  • WessexET32010.pdf1,444.99kB

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