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Title: Public law
Author: Kay Goodall
Institution: University of Stirling
Creative Commons License:
Attribution, Non-commercial, ShareAlike
Subject Classification: Law

A very short simulation that lasted one week and replaced the students' weekly tutorial. The scenario was built around an incident that occurred on a film set. The lecturer took the role of a partner in the firm and the students played the role of lawyers within it. At the end of the simulation the students had to submit a report on what they had done.


Public law, statutory interpretation, Terrorism Act 2000


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  • A_guide_to_the_simulation.doc82.43kB
  • Lord_Binghams_speech_in_R_v_Z_[2005].rtf32.27kB
  • Memo_1_Instructions_from_Partner.rtf6.54kB
  • Memo_2_Interim_Reminder.rtf2.26kB
  • Memo_3_Receipt_of_Wrong_File.rtf2.36kB
  • Memo_4_Receipt_of_Satisfactory_Advice.rtf2.39kB
  • Memo_5_Receipt_of_Unsatisfactory_Advice.rtf2.40kB
  • Memo_6_Nothing_Received.rtf2.37kB
  • Memo_7_Follow-up_from_Partner.rtf20.21kB

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