Simulation Repository - John M

Title: John M
Author: Sophie Vaughan & Jonathan Round
Institution: St George's, London
Creative Commons License:
Attribution, Non-commercial, ShareAlike
Subject Classification: Medicine and Dentistry

This is the story about a Virtual Patient called John M. He is a little boy who is nearly 3 years old and is brought into Paediatric A&E with bruises. As the case progresses you have to decide on the important aspects of the history and then proceed to investigations in order to make a diagnosis. Depending on your management you have to deal with some associated medical complications.

The simulation is available at:

This simulation is currently running in situ, content packages should be available for download by the end of June.



Idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura, Paediatric, Bruises, Immunoglobulin


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