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Title: Merrigate buses
Author: Roger Burridge and Nick Johnson
Institution: University of Warwick
Creative Commons License:
Attribution, Non-commercial, ShareAlike
Subject Classification: Law

A contract case involving a recovery claim by the Merrigate bus company for the training of an employee. The employee was then absent for a lengthy period and eventually dismissed.


contract, law, simulation


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  • A-guide-to-the-simulation.doc64.51kB
  • Alex_Riley_Role_Play_(2009).doc36.35kB
  • Chris_Langdon_Role_Play_(2009).doc34.30kB
  • Dates_as_Amended2009.rtf47.42kB
  • Declaration_document_(2009).rtf53.30kB
  • Dismissal_Document_(2009).rtf47.36kB
  • Doctors_letterSandwell2009.doc23.55kB
  • Guidance_for_guest_judges.docx11.33kB
  • Intro_to_Law_in_Practice_programme.doc50.18kB
  • Lou_Sandwell_Role_Play2009.doc36.35kB
  • Offer_Document_(2009).rtf51.81kB
  • Repayment_document_(2009).rtf46.16kB
  • Sandwell_Telephone_Bill.docx17.25kB
  • terms_of_employment2009.doc27.14kB
  • Toni_Sandwell_Role_Play_2009.doc29.70kB
  • Warning_Document_(2009).rtf46.80kB
  • YELLOW_PAGES.pub48.64kB

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