Simulation Repository - Meridian University

Title: Meridian University
Author: Roger Burridge and Nick Johnson
Institution: University of Warwick
Creative Commons License:
Attribution, Non-commercial, ShareAlike
Subject Classification: Law

This simulation is based in the fictional University of Meridian. The case involves a disciplinary hearing where a student is alleged to have pushed a member of staff down some stairs.


disciplinary, law, simulation


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  • A-guide-to-the-simulation.doc64.51kB
  • callog_(charlie_reese)MERIDIAN_UNIVERSITY_STUDENT_BAR.doc36.35kB
  • Charlie_Reese2009.doc27.65kB
  • Dr._S._Davis2009.doc35.84kB
  • Exam_Record.doc23.04kB
  • Guidance_for_guest_judges.docx11.33kB
  • Introduction_to_Law_in_Practice.doc50.18kB
  • Investigation_into_Marking.doc23.04kB
  • Max_Spencer2009.doc36.86kB
  • Merrydew_General_Hospital2009.doc143.36kB
  • Pat_Lewison2009.doc41.47kB
  • possible_character_reference_for_Dr_Davis.doc22.02kB
  • Seminar_Record2009.doc23.04kB
  • Student_History2009.doc31.23kB
  • Taylor_Roberts2009.doc30.21kB

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