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Title: Kowalski
Author: Roger Burridge and Nick Johnson
Institution: University of Warwick
Creative Commons License:
Attribution, Non-commercial, ShareAlike
Subject Classification: Law

Kowalski is a criminal law case involving an allegation of handling stolen goods, specifically jewellery.


criminal law, simulation


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  • A-guide-to-the-simulation.doc63.49kB
  • Amended_Sandy_Burns2009.doc25.09kB
  • bracelet.jpg597.90kB
  • bracelet2.jpg169.73kB
  • Danni_York2009.doc24.58kB
  • Guidance_for_guest_judges.docx11.33kB
  • G_Taylor2009.doc25.09kB
  • Introduction_to_Law_in_Practice.doc50.18kB
  • Jewellry_Valuation.doc33.79kB
  • jewllery_logbook.pdf630.23kB
  • Kowalski2009.doc30.72kB
  • Official_Charge2009.doc23.04kB
  • PC_Snowball2009.doc26.11kB
  • Record_of_Interview_2009-_Kowalski.doc61.44kB
  • Witness_Statements._Lancaster_and_Morgan_(amend__09).doc28.16kB

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