Simulation Repository - Hong Kong domain name dispute Msc level

Title: Hong Kong domain name dispute Msc level
Author: Karen Counsell
Institution: University of Glamorgan
Creative Commons License:
Attribution, Non-commercial, ShareAlike
Subject Classification: Law;Technologies

A post graduate level simulation produced for computer security students taking a law module. This simulation examines the legal response to domain name disputes in Hong Kong SAR and the United Kingdom.


domain name disputes, intellectual propety law, computer science, cyber squatting.


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  • 1.2.AllReadyReg.doc26.62kB
  • 1.3.cedric.doc26.62kB
  • 1.4.signoff.doc24.58kB
  • 1.a.memostart.doc26.11kB
  • 2.A.OneMillionOutline.doc27.65kB
  • 2.b.Snooopem.doc27.65kB
  • 2.c.startnegotation.doc25.09kB
  • 3.a.blankmemo.doc24.06kB
  • 4.a.summary.doc25.60kB
  • 4.b.thankyouandsignoff.doc24.06kB
  • Guidance_templateHK.doc55.81kB
  • Order_of_documents.doc26.11kB

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