Simulation Repository - Derelict site simulation

Title: Derelict site simulation
Author: Luke Bennett
Institution: Sheffield Hallam University
Creative Commons License:
Attribution, Non-commercial, ShareAlike
Subject Classification: Architecture, Building and Planning;Architecture, Building and Planning;Law;Architecture, Building and Planning

This Powerpoint driven simulation takes participants through a structured series of common dilemmas faced by managers looking after derelict sites. Risks must be appraised within resource constraints (and the influence of chance). Decisions taken affect subsequent events. Can you steer the site safely through this maze? The resource can be used in the teaching of lawyers about occupiers’ liability, as well as construction and real estate students and also environmental management students. The simulation can be run in-lecture (up to 80 students, fits within an hour-long session – can be completed within 15-20 minutes if sufficient resources) (to test out group decision making skills) and individually. It has been successfully used at all undergraduate and postgraduate levels. There is an option available whereby (potentially) useful ‘factoids’ can be distributed to group members where this simulation is run in a large group – and then students will have to learn how to evaluate and advocate information which appears (like a jigsaw piece) to have some relevance to the questions facing the group. 


Occupiers’ liability; site management; safety; risk management; construction; decision making; site appraisal


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