Simulation Repository - Private Client - Wills Trusts and Executries

Title: Private Client - Wills Trusts and Executries
Author: Paul Maharg, Karen Barton
Institution: University of Strathclyde
Creative Commons License:
Attribution, Non-commercial, ShareAlike
Subject Classification: Law

This overall simulation comprises four separate simulations:

  • draft a will
  • confirming an executor
  • value estate
  • inheritance tax

PC contains two separate transactions for a ‘private client: the drafting of a will for the client based on their personal circumstances and wishes as related in a statement; and the winding up of an estate for the same client whose relative has died intestate (i.e. without leaving a will).


Students, who role-play the part of trainee solicitors in a firm, are sent a memo from their senior partner along with a statement from their client outlining their intentions and a list of their assets.


The senior partner instructs them to draft the will and send it to the client for approval along with a covering letter explaining the terms in plain English.  Later, the client returns to request help with the winding up of an estate of a relative who has died.  Initially the client states that there is a will and that they will provide it, and they provide a ‘bag’ of papers relating to the relative’s personal affairs (debtors and creditors).


The students are instructed to commence valuation of the estate by writing to the various parties to ingather information.  The client informs the trainee at some point later that there is no will and the students then have to apply to the court to confirm the client as executor for the estate.  Once they do this correctly, they are provided with the responses to the letters they have written which gives values for shares, pension, bank accounts and so on, as well as outstanding bills etc.   At this point they can prepare and submit the relevant documents to the Inland Revenue in order to wind up the estate. 


In the SIMPLE platform, although the simulation is based on the same basic scenario, some variables are introduced so that no two simulations are the same (e.g. names and addresses, terms of the will, value of the estate etc).  The simulation runs over a period of 16 weeks.   A bank of pre-prepared instructions, statements, and responses are triggered to all firms/students at various times to facilitate automation of this simulation.


Assessment takes place at various points in the transaction and students are given feedback (within the context of the simulation in the form of a memo from the senior partner) if they do not achieve the required outcomes initially and allowed a second attempt to do that before the simulation moves on.  The simulation is currently used with students on a post graduate Legal Practice Course, and has been developed to run on the SIMPLE Platform.  Students work as ‘firms’ or groups of four as trainee solicitors, but single students could complete the transaction also.


Licenced under an attribution, non- commercial sharealike licence. For non-commerical use only.


Please download the additional description file below for further details about the simulation.



Wills, testate, intestate, estate, valuation

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