Simulation Repository - Family Law Action Maze (version 4.0)

Title: Family Law Action Maze (version 4.0)
Author: Andrew Gilbert, Julian Priddle
Institution: Anglia Ruskin University
Creative Commons License:
Attribution, Non-commercial, ShareAlike
Subject Classification: Law

The action maze has been designed to support a Level 2 Family Law course. It simulates the interactions between a trainee solicitor and a client experiencing marital difficulties.
The maze presents a series of brief scenarios, and there is then a choice of courses of action with each of these. Depending on which option is selected, different subsequent scenarios are encountered. Thus there are several different storylines contained within the maze, and the student experience is determined by their choices in response to different events. Students can backtrack through the maze to review decisions and test alternative courses of action.
The action maze is designed to be used for self-directed study. It is ideally suited to use as a revision exercise. Students typically work through the maze on their own, although it could be used by groups working independently or as a seminar activity using computers or an interactive whiteboard. The current version of the maze allows students to jump from the introduction page to the start of later sections.
The maze was designed and built as a collaboration between a member of academic staff (AG) and a learning technologist (JP). We used a standard format for each page in the maze, with a Word proforma document that was used for authoring and the text, resources and links then transferred to a web template page. The maze has been built using bespoke web templates and contains a range of resource types. The site is built to high standards of accessibility.
Please note that this simulation is being provided initially for the Simshare roadshows, and that a version with minor revisions is likely to be available later. For the moment, the current version of the maze is hosted at:


family law, divorce, domestic violence, action maze, simulation, decision tree, Simshare, UKOER


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21st Apr 2010, 08:45am

This looks really effective as a consolidation tool.

  penny  says:
21st Apr 2010, 08:35am

Excellent presentation - this is very reusable, thank you