Simulation Repository - John v Wessex CC - an Employment Tribunal claim for Unfair Dismissal

Title: John v Wessex CC - an Employment Tribunal claim for Unfair Dismissal
Author: Caroline Strevens & Roger Welch
Institution: University of Portsmouth
Creative Commons License:
Attribution, Non-commercial, ShareAlike
Subject Classification: Law

A simulation requiring obtaining witness statements prior to completing a claim for unfair dismissal to an employment tribunal or responding to the claim. This is followed by seeking a to negotiate an out of tribunal settlement in accordance with client's instructions. The final stage consists of individual written work in the form of a final submission on behalf of the client to an employment tribunal.


Unfair Dismissal, Employment Tribunals, Employment Law, Legal Negotiation


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  • aclwrittencwkbriefing.pdf15.08kB
  • appliedctassessbrieifng.pdf50.72kB
  • johndismissalletter.pdf10.58kB
  • johnET1.pdf928.17kB
  • johnwessexvideoedwitnessstatements.pdf16.99kB
  • johnwrittenstatement.pdf23.24kB
  • simsharesummarydocumentjohn.doc65.02kB
  • weekonejohnnegotiationinstructionspdf.pdf28.14kB
  • weekonewessexnegotiationinstructionspdf.pdf27.12kB
  • WessexET32010.pdf1,444.99kB

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